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The LootCastle is a strategy game in which you defend a castle from invading knights. Instead of controlling your skeletons directly, you improve them with skill trees constructed by you. Click here to get to the more detailed Game Info.

About Me

My name is Steven Colling, born '88 and I'm an independent game developer from Germany. This is my first commercial game. Follow me on Twitter for project updates or if you are interested in game developing stuff.


If you cover The LootCastle, please drop me a line via email (would be so nice!). If you need more details about the game, check the Game Info. Need media like screenshots? Check the media section! The facts sheet comes up with more details about the game and me.


Have a look at the HIGHSCORES and the game session data the players uploaded. If you have suggestions, feedback or problems with the game, let me know via mail.


You are allowed to use/record graphics and videos as well as sound effects and music from The LootCastle for showing purposes as long as it's credited properly. You are also allowed to monetize audio/video from The LootCastle in terms of YouTube Let's Plays, Reviews or similar formats.


For more information, check out Impressum & Disclaimers & Privacy Policy.

Steven Colling
Haardtstraße 5
76764 Rheinzabern (Germany)
Telephone: 00491637489997

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Please check the requirements! For example, you need to install .NET and XNA. The game comes without an installer and without any DRM.

Not sure? Check out the video and text reviews.

Future Work

I will dedicate my time to solo game development until this year is over and there are a lot of unconventional and strange game concepts and settings to be covered. If you like what I'm doing, feel free to support me: spread the word!


Software Requirements

The LootCastle is Windows-only (tested with the 64 bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1) and requires the frameworks ".NET" and "XNA" to be installed. Both are published by Microsoft, are free of cost and can be downloaded right here:
The game itself comes as an executable (.exe) and the resource files, because I don't like installers.

Minimal System Requirements

I tested the game on my good ol' laptop:
  • Intel Pentium Dual CPU with 1.86 GHz
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Intel GMA X3100
  • 70 MB hard drive space for the game
Resolutions equal to or bigger than 768x768 recommended (the game gets surrounded with a black area and is not scaled). Smaller resolutions down to 768x600 possible.

Privacy Notes

For playing the game, neither an online connection nor an account are required. The game checks the web if a new version is available and to upload highscores (both on demand). Please check the Privacy Notes for more information.



In The LootCastle, your home gets invaded by false-faced knights which want to kill you, the skeleton king, and loot all your treasures.

Your skeletons are scattered across five rooms: the Barracks, the Kitchen, the Laboratory, the Altar and the Throne.

You don't control the skeletons by yourself. Instead, you have a skill tree for each of the five rooms.

The skills are based on templates, but their precise values are randomized, given the skill's level, rarity (white, green, blue, purple, orange, red) and a bit of luck.

That skills take effect, they must be placed in the skill tree and ranked up with skill points. Each rank increases the strength of the skill.

If the skill tree gets full, you can unlock new space for skills. While the skills at the top of the skill tree drop out, new space at the bottom is generated, giving you the chance to slot skills of higher levels and therefore stronger ones.

Skeletons and knights give their best to be victorious. So expect a lot of popping damage numbers.

Killed knights give you money and experience and in the end, new skill points to invest, higher levels to get and therefore better skills generated.

The fights follow the hit-crit-block-formula: a fighter attacks and hits with a certain chance while hits can be critical with increased damage output. The opponent can block an incoming attack and reduce the amount of damage.

All these attributes can be affected by the skills. Beyond plain attribute increasing skills, there are a lot of special skill behaviors to discover, like poisons, potions or effects triggered on certain events.

To spice the fights up, every wave you must decide which of three random wave modifiers is applied to the knights.

Should you give them more health which you could compensate with your damage increasing skills – or stick with better blocking chances for them?

The game comes with a handful of quests (9 in total) which challenge you, as an example, to survive a certain amount of waves.

Achievements log your progress in the game, like the knights you killed in total.

For certain stages of such an achievement, you unlock cheat modes which alter the game by increasing the number of knights to an insane extent, as an example.

In contrast to quests and achievements, you can also upload your highscores at the end of the game and compete with all the other players in certain categories.

The highscore website allows to investigate ones skills he used. About 100 skill templates await you!

The LootCastle comes with a skill editor which lets you create your own skills with the same possibilities given the skills which are already in the game.

If you want to know more about this tool, there is an own section here.

If you enjoy to chew over skill trees, discovering and experimenting with synergies of skills while being attracted by random, rare loot – The LootCastle is definitely a game for you.



Preview/First Impression by STUFF+

More Videos

Release Trailer


You can download a media package (zip, 7 MB), including all the screenshots, a set of skill icons and logos from me and the game in different sizes.


Download Logos
(in different sizes)


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Facts: The LootCastle


  • Unconventional gameplay: construct skill trees
  • Randomized skills based on skill templates (loot feeling)
  • About 100 skill templates (ca. 20 per castle room)
  • Different types of skills: attribute increasing buffs, poisons, potions, effects on triggers like getting hit and more
  • 26 achievements to unlock cheat modes for alternative game sessions
  • 9 quests as long-term motivation
  • Highscore website with detailed game session information
  • Skill editor for user generated skills

Further Information

  • Released: 10th February 2014
  • Price: pay what you want above 5€
  • Platform: Windows
  • Created by Steven Colling, including game design, graphics and programming.
  • Music and sound effects by Tilmann Hars (@headchant).
  • Based on a game jam game Path to Death from Ludum Dare 25 (48 hour competition).
  • Development started in March 2013 and endured some weeks.
  • Because of my master thesis, I stopped working on The LootCastle for the present.
  • Resuming the work started at the 18th November 2013 after finishing my study.
  • In total, the game took about 4 months.
  • I worked fulltime at home!
  • There's a TigSource development log.
  • The LootCastle is a XNA game and written in C# as well as with the help of a small, personal framework. As development environment, Visual Studio Professional 2012/2013 was used.
  • Graphics are made with Gimp. Yes. Gimp. Gimp rocks.

Facts: Steven Colling

  • Independent solo game developer from Germany.
  • Lives near Karlsruhe
  • Born 1988.
  • Studied computer sciences at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and graduated with a Master of Science in 2013.
  • I love game jams, I love Ludum Dare (check out my game jam games).
  • The LootCastle is my first commercial project and my first finished game.
  • I gave me the year 2014 to check out if game development as a job is the right thing for me (and it is!), to get experienced in the many fields developing a game comes along with, to face the challenge to work solo and to built a portfolio. If I could live from developing games (which is quite hard!), I would just do it!
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @StevenColling.
  • Website:

Skill Creation

To the right, you can create your very own skill here on the website. This is just for fun. If you want to save a skill, don't forget to copy the link displayed below the skill's tooltip after you clicked on Show Skill.

Skill Editor

If you download the game, there is already a skill editor in the game's folder (SkillEditor.exe). You can create own skills with gameplay-related values and bundle them in so-called content packs. While you can't add own icons (yet), you can utilize the same effect system I used for making the original skills. It's also possible to deactivate the original skills and just play with your own skills or skills made by others.

Create Your Skill!

Dead Man's Beer

Level 31

Affected Rooms: Barracks, Kitchen, Altar, Throne.

"They come again, again and again. No one misses a free beer."

A skill from the kitchen with the following effects: Decreases the hit chance permanently and static ----- . Increases the respawn time (skeletons only) temporarily and static on hit.

Price: 279 (Sell for 55)

If you want to share this skill, click on the Show Skill button at the bottom and afterwards copy the following link:
index.php?skillname=Dead_Man's_Beer&atmotext=They_come_again,_again_and_again._No_one_misses_a_free_beer.&room=Kitchen &effects1=Decreases &effects2=Permanently &effects3=Static &effects4=Hit_Chance &effects5=----- &effects6=Increases &effects7=Temporarily &effects8=Static &effects9=Respawn_Time_(Skeletons_only) &effects10=On_Hit&iconid=62#SkillCreation

The skill's name like it would appear in the game.

The atmospheric description doesn't describe the gameplay effects of the skill. It's more a funny or skill-theme-related quote.

Use one of the icons which fits the most with your skill idea.

Choose the room in which this skill is created and therefore, in which it can be slotted.


Use the following boxes to setup the skill effects. In the first box, you choose how values are affected and if they are affected permanently or temporarily. An increase or decrease can be static or percentaged. If the skeleton's hit chance is, for example, 40% and he gets an increase of 50% (static), his final hit chance is 90% (40%+50%=90%). If the increase is percentaged instead, his final hit chance is 60% (40%+40%*50%=60%).

Your skill can, but doesn't have to have a second effect.

Design and content by Steven Colling. Contact via mail at
Redesign of the radio buttons with the help of a script by Smooth scroll script from elma. Lightbox script by Lokesh Dhakar.